My drains were removed after malfunctioning and my surgeon is in the DR. How long will it take my body to reabsorb fluids?

Last output at 600MLS/24HR....Please help in Illinois area. How long will it take for body to reabsorb fluids? I had one drain clogged with fat at the reservoir(front) Back drain had a hole in it. I had to remove the both of them after they malfunctioned and went to E.R here in the States and they called plastic surgeon who told E.R doc not to put them back in. Simply let body absorb fluids naturally and make appointment to see her in the morning. I'm very uncomfortable and have back pain really bad. Thanks in advance..

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Drains removed and fluid build up

If the drains are removed, it is possible to build up fluid under the abdominal flap. If it is a small amount (<50cc) your body should resorb it over a few days. More than that however, may need to be aspirate by a surgeon near you.


Dr. Michael

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Out of Country Surgeon

I'm so sorry your going through this. You need appropriate in person followup. I wish you would have chosen an American Board of Plastic Surgery certified surgeon in your area. This is a perfect reason to not go out of the country for plastic surgery for a reduced fee.

What to do now? Call around to ABPS certified surgeons close to your home and ask to pay for appropriate followup or appeal to their sense of responsibility as a good doctor and hope for free postop care. You can look them up by googling American society of plastic surgeons find a surgeon.

Dr Shifrin

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Drains and TT

Many of us do not use drains or just use them for a few days.  All of my drains are removed by me at 2 days.  Rarely is there a seroma and if one rarely occurs I drain it and it gos away.   I agree with your  new surgeon.  You will reabsorb  the fluid.   You trested the surgeon with your surgery and now trust the surgeon with your post operative care.  But unfortunately your surgeon is in the DR.   You can get care in the USA but of course at substantial cost.   Surgery abroad is a very very bad idea.  Next time have surgery in the USA.  You then have a surgeon nearby and you protect your very life.    My Best, Dr C

George Commons, MD
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Complications after surgery abroad

  • The plastic surgeon's advice was correct.
  • See the plastic surgeon as directed, in the morning.
  • Expect to pay for your post-treatment care.
  • This is the reason surgery abroad is not a good idea. 
  • Please note the Dept. of Health has issued a warning about surgery in the DR because of very serious infections in patients coming back after surgery there. Next time see a surgeon in the USA, near you.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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My drains were removed after malfunctioning and my surgeon is in the DR. How long will it take my body to reabsorb fluids?

Now you understand why doing out of country cosmetic surgery is very very dangerous! 600 ccs in 24 hours is very concerning!!! Be prepared to have large fees associated with in US care. The reason is why should we take on a severe complication from these poorly trained DR surgeons for free? Sounds like you need re operation to see the reason for this massive drainage. The old saying, "the cheap becomes expensive." comes to mind...// 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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My drains were removed after malfunctioning and my surgeon is in the DR. How long will it take my body to reabsorb fluids?

If it is less than 50cc then it should absorb, otherwise it may need needle drainage to prevent a seroma by a doctor close to you.   Best to you.

Constance M. Barone, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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