Bio-Oil on Stitch Scars?

I got stitches on my hand for a cut 1 and a half year ago. Can I get rid of those stitch marks or atleast make them less visible with the use of Bio-Oil? Any advice?

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Bio-oil for stitch scars

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Bio-oil will not help. The final appearance of a scar can be assessed at 1 year (that is how long it typically takes for all of the remodeling of the skin to occur below the surface). Since your stitches were placed 1.5 years ago, your scar has probably improved as much as it is going to improve on its own. Massage with plain Vaseline is the same as using Bio-Oil. It is the massage that works, not the vehicle itself. If it really bothers you, consider a scar revision and ask for a "subcuticular" stitch. That eliminates the risk of "track marks" which are the suture marks you are talking about.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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