What is the best way to remove a scar on my chin that formed after having stitches?

Hi I got stitches on my chin about 5 months ago and there is now a pretty noticeable scar on my chin. Along with the scar there is also a bump above it. I was wondering if there was anything i could do to completely get rid of the scar.. Any cremes, gels or even cosmetic surgeries?

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Scar revision

I don't know what happened from the description.  On the face if the scar has not healed well a scar revision can be performed and there is a new system for scar treatment, Embrace, that is only available to Plastic Surgeons which I use for scar revisions.

Scar improvement

There are a variety of methods to improve surgical scars. Scar revision involves cutting out the scar and re-stitching the area although this puts you at risk to get a similar scar because the same factors are likely involved in the healing process. Lasers can be used to blend the scar in a non-invasive fashion. In my experience topical products have no to very minimal benefit in scar improvement.  

Omar Ibrahimi, MD, PhD
Stamford Dermatologic Surgeon
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