Stitches in Neck From Removal of Benign Tumor. It Feels Sore?

Hello, I had a rare benign tumor removed from my neck back in Feb. this year. I still have feeling lose and soreness. I went to see my doctor on May 1 and he was feeling around and I had some plan and he said my skin feels thick. He believes it’s my dissolvable stitches, is that possible? How long do they take to go away?

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Dissolvable sutures not dissolving

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As wonderful as dissolvable sutures are, they don't work the same on everyone. It can take quite a long time for them to dissolve on some people, and truly, I've had a few patients over the years where bits of the suture never dissolved and they eventually work their way out or need to be cut out in tiny bits. It's unfortunate because these sutures are great, and necessary, but it does happen, especially if a lot of scar tissue quickly forms around the suture, which might have happened. Make an appointment to see your doctor again in several months for another evaluation of the site.

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