Stitches Came out 4 Days After Septoplasty

The stitches came out of my left nostril 4 days post septoplasty surgery whilst I was spraying the saline solution and cleaning the outer nostril. It did not bleed, but is very tender and I can not tell if the incision has reopened?

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Duration for dissolving stitches

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There are probably two areas of stitch work from your septoplasty.  One closes the incision, and is located closer to the nostril.  That's probably what came loose.  Four days is probably fine, as they are designed to dissolve on their own in about a week anyway.

Deeper in the nose is usually a quilting stitch of similar material, that holds the lining of the septum tight and in the midline, and prevents accumulation of blood in the surgically altered space.   That too can dissolve around the 3-7 day mark, but is less likely.  However it's probably more important, as it prevents a complication of septoplasty called a septal hematoma (splints intranasally may also be secured here to prevent as well).  We usually ask patients to follow up a week post surgery to examine these areas.  If you don't have something scheduled in the next few days, call your surgeons office and set something up.  It just helps you and the doc sleep better knowing there is nothing wrong.

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