Stitches broke 6 day after vaginoplasty and a small hole formed that was bleeding up to now, day 9. Should I worry? (photo)

I had Labiaplasty 9 days ago and I believe a few stitches broke and have been bleeding like clogged blood since day 6. Now the left labia where stitches broke is 3x swollen from the right, and there is a circle (about pinky nail size) full of clogged blood. Should I b worried? Do I need to go get it re-stitched? It only burns after I shower or wet it after going to the bathroom. My ps is in another country so I cannot go see him.

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Let your physician know

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of any problems especially with healing sooner rather than later.  This is a problematic area because of hygiene and because patients usually do not realize how much their undergarments and jeans are pressing on the surgical site.  This can also cause healing problems, with too much pressure and shear on the wound site.  I tell my patients to keep the site well padded and to wear loose clothing, preferably dresses in the healing period.  Good luck and speak to your doctor!

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Broken Stitches after labiaplasty

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I would call your plastic surgeons office and see if they have a colleague to refer you to while your surgeon is away.  Glad to help. 

Ryan A. Stanton, MD
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