Stitches Taken out After BA, Dried Blood at Incision Area?

My PS took out my stitches/bandages today at my 21-post-op day visit. She told me all was well and I was healing fine. I then went to work. I was wearing the same non-wire bra I have worn the entire healing process. When I got home tonight, I noticed what looked like dried blood near the incision area. Is this normal? Should I call her and let her know or will this go away? Thanks!

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Stitches Taken out After BA, Dried Blood at Incision Area?

 Without a photo or an idea of how much blood you are talking about, I wouldn't want to risk given false reassurance. Call your surgeon. After some give an take on the phone, she can advise you far better than can a stranger. All the best. 

Dried blood at the site of stitches is not always a problem

Sometimes after stitches are removed a small scab or crust gets knocked off, and this may cause a small amount of bleeding.  If there is no redness adjacent to the wound edge, it is probably OK.  If you have any concern at all , you should contact your surgeon.  She would want to know this I'm sure.

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Your description does not sound alarming but online consultants will not be able to give you meaningful advice and/or reassurance. Best to check with your plastic surgeon if concerned.

 Best wishes.

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It sounds OK. But to be certain speak to your PS and get some advice as he/she saw your recently and would be able to provide an authentic explanation for the dried blood

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