Stitch Left for 5 Years After Prolapse Surgery, Should I be Concerned?

I had prolapse sugery 5 years ago, I have since found out a stitch has been left at the top of my vigina. my doctor tried to remove in in the clinic but on loosed it, i now have a wait for a hospital appointment to remove the stitch, can this be the cause of pain i have in my pelvic bone and lower back?? also what can this do to me being left for so long?.

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Permanent suture in vagina after prolapse surgery

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Permanent suture is sometimes used beneath the skin in prolapse surgery. Occasionally, it erodes through the surface where might cause discharge or pain for your sex partner. It can be removed either in the office or in the operating room depending on how well it can be accessed without discomfort. The nerves at the vaginal apex are unrelated to those of the pubic bone or lower back and stitch removal will probably have no effect on the pain from these sites.

Suture exposure treated with simple removal

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If there is no infection then I don't thing there is much to worry about.Most likely this was a permanent suture that became exposed with time. Simple removal is all that is necessary. Although anything is possible it would be very unlikely that this is the cause of your pain.

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