One stitch fell off and im bleeding, help? (Photo)

Im 10 days after labiaplasty. For the last 4 days im little bleeding. 1.)is stitch still there or isnt? 2.) Why im still bleeding? 3.) Should i clean it with more water or less? Is bottled water ok? Or must be from pharmacy. 4.)should i put on more antibiotic cream or less? 5.) Must i stay in bed and not walking? 6.) How it looks? From 1 to 10 (if one is good, 10 is bad) 7.) How long will take for this to heal (that i wont be bleeding from that spot)? 8.) Other good advice? Thank you very much!!

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Stitch fell off?

Always best to visit your operating surgeon so that s/he can take an actual look at the tissue and best provide recommendations from there.

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