Could it be a stitch that has not dissolved? When will it go away? If so, is there anything I can do to help it dissolve?

I had mohs surgery done about six weeks ago. The wound seems to be seeming fine, but a little below the wound, I have a small lump that doesn't want to go away.

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Bump after Mohs surgery

If you detect a problem with healing or a new bump after Mohs surgery, it is best to discuss this with your Mohs surgeon. 

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Small bump after Mohs

Your best bet is to see the surgeon who performed the procedure for an evaluation. Yes, it could very well be a suture that was put in the under layers which has not dissolved completely - we do see this happen although it's infrequent. Rather than guessing it's best to just have it looked at.

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Bump Near Surgery Site... What Could It Be?

Your best option is to contact the doctor who performed the reconstruction and let them evaluate the surgery site. It could be a number of things... it could be what is referred to as a tricone, which is a little bit of redundant tissue. Frequently, when this is small it will resolve on its own. It could also be a small cyst or an absorbable suture. Best option... see the doctor and have it checked out. Good luck.

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