Will Stitches After 6 Weeks of Upper and Lower Bleph Work to Correct Assymetric Eyes?

im 6 wweks after u/l blep not happy with the results one eye is bigger than the other and rounded. it seems than he removed skin too much skin and one eye than the other, rigth after surgery he toldme he had to place extra stitch in my lower li holding it it inside my upper lid, it didnt work, now my lower lid went down alot showing the white side of my eyes alot, im scare, dont knopw what to do?

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Will Stitches After 6 Weeks of Upper and Lower Bleph Work to Correct Assymetric Eyes?

You should get a second opinion by an Oculoplastic surgeon before having further surgery.  Each surgery adds additional scarring and can make future surgeries more difficult.  If you need a revision, get the best procedure at this time.  Your surgeon may be correct, but better to be safe than sorry.

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Second opinion as a consultation with a Cosmetic Surgeon will help identify the cause and remedy of your condition.

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Don't get hustled into more surgery with this surgeon.

You are describing an all too common surgical complication from eyelid surgery.  Your surgeon is proposing a canthopexy, which often is described to patients as putting in a stitch to help a pulled down lower eyelid.  Unfortunately this approach will generally not work.  The doctor may actually believe that it works but it further shortens the lower eyelid and can actually make the lower eyelid position worse.  I agree that you should allow the eyelids to heal more but it is not too early to get a second opinion.  However, please do not just go to anyone for a second opinion.  You need to search out an oculoplastic surgeon who focuses on correctly post-surgical issues and understands current aesthetic reconstructive eyelid methods.

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Blepharoplasty and lids pulled down.

Blepharoplasty and lids pulled down can be caused by swelling of the lower lid and you need to wait a minimum of 3-6 months before any surgery. Get a second opinion if you are too stressed about this.

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In our practice we tell our patients to wait a few months to see final results. What happens with eyelid surgery is that the muscles and nerves go to sleep you need to do squinting exercises at least a few times a day and for 10 min at a time to help the muscle and nerves repair itself and go back to normal. With time it should correct itself.



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Revisional eyelid surgery

You should wait at least 3 months before contemplating another eyelid surgery as healing takes months and changes can occur during that time.  Consider seeing an oculoplastic surgeon.  There are three things that give illustion of droopy upper eyelid and asymmetry: 1) ptosis (true droopy eyelid), 2) dermatochalasis (excess loose skin), 3) droopy eyebrow.

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