Is It Ok to Still Have Wheezing, Congestion and Heavy Breathing 37 Days Post-op Rhinoplasty?

After 37 days, I still have wheezing where one nostril closes and the other opens from time to time. I find some traces of fresh blood from time to time specially when I wake up from sleep. I had osteotomies done and gore-tex graft places ( finger nail size ) near the septal cartilage on the right side. The wheezing and congestion gets worse when I go to bed and wake up, but I can still take deep breathes. I had the procedure done by Dr. Jeffrey Epstein in Miami, he says it's all normal.

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Rhinoplasty result at 30 days

All of these symptoms sound normal for being only 37 days out from surgery.  Keep in contact with your plastic surgeon and he will make sure you are healing on track

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