Still Unable to Decide if I Should Opt for Extraction? (photo)

2 orthodontist suggested me for bicuspid extraction and 3rd for duration of my wisdom teeth. Without extraction my teeth will look still the same. But I feel that will narrow my arch and my tongue won't fit in the mouth. Please advice.

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Say no to bicuspid extraction.

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My recommendation is to get the wisdom teeth taken out but NOT the bicuspids.  Rather, have your arches expanded to make room for all your teeth.  You are correct about your tongue not having enough room if the bicuspids are taken out.  What's more, as you get older you may develop snoring, sleep apnea, and jaw problems from having your dental arches reduced in size.

Columbus Dentist

Do Not Extract The Bicuspids!

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Do not extract your bicuspids!  It will not only narrow your arch, but it could change your smile and the contour of your face.  Please seek the advice of two more orthodontists before you do something you will be sorry for later. Removing the bicuspids is a technique that was very popular years ago. You have other choices now as my other colleagues refer to here!

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

Still Unable to Decide if I Should Opt for Extraction

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Years ago, the fad was to remove the first bicuspids to  achieve better orthodontic results.  This has gone by the wayside.  Current methods include arch expansion and/or 3rd molar extraction, if needed.  So, don't have the bicuspids extracted.

Murray Bruckel, DDS
Norwalk Dentist

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