Am I Still Swollen or Are These my Permanent Results? (photo)

I had a tt on 01/21 and it became infected 4 weeks out. I fell down the stairs ad it opened up my incision to about 4.5 inches. I am now 3 months post op and my wound is still open I am using the wound vac to help heal it. I would like to know if I am really still swollen or if my midsection hanging over my incision is going to be permanent. I haven't been wearing my compression garment since I was admitted to the hospital in March , but I look alot better when I have it on.

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Am I Still Swollen or Are These my Permanent Results?

Hard to see in the dark posted photos but appears as a final result in my opinion. But IN PERSON examination is the ONLY way to be sure. 

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Post Operative Healing after Trauma to Surgical Site?

Sorry to hear about the problems you have experienced after tummy tuck surgery. Although online consultants cannot provide you with accurate “predictions” some generalizations can be made. Certainly, given your history, some swelling ( more than average) should be expected. Also, skin redraping will continue to occur and your “final results” should be evaluated closer to one year after the procedure was performed.

 Best wishes for an otherwise uneventful recovery.

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Swelling after tummy tuck

Thanks for your question and pictures.  Sorry to hear about your healing issues so far.  It is difficult to evaluate the amount of excess tissue you have while you still have open wounds.  Until the wounds are closed, you will continue to have some swelling.  Wait at least three months until after the wounds are closed to make a evaluation of how much excess tissue you have.  If you see improvement while wearing your binder, I would recommend to continue to wear it if it is not too uncomfortable.  Good luck with your recovery and keep in touch with your surgeon.

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Still swollen?

Thanks for posting your question and your photos. It looks like you're still in the process of healing and are likely retaining quite a bit of fluid in your tissues. It is impossible to say whether some of the excess shown in the photos will be permanent. Once your wound is fully closed then, most likely, you will see the greatest improvement in swelling. Be sure you stay in close contact with your surgeon and best wishes, Dr. Aldo.

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Am I Still Swollen or Are These my Permanent Results?

Usually most swelling is gone by three months, but that is for a "normally" healing incision. I wouldn't even start the count until your incision is completely closed. 

It is hard to predict how much the apparent skin excess will improve, and it may be that a touch up procedure will improve the result, but that is months off. 

Sorry to read about the problems so far. I hope your recovery proceeds uneventfully from hereon in. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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