Could I Still Be Swollen Under my Eyes 37 Days After Radiesse Was Injected?

My Board Certified Plastic Surgeon injected my eye area with Radiesse over 37 days ago (He did not tell me Radiesse is NOT recommended for that area and it is NOT reversible) I had extreme swelling but was told to use cold compresses and to sleep elevated After 7 days I went to his office because the swelling was still bad I have completed 2 rounds of 21day 5mg Prednisone therapies as well as having ultrasonic treatments 3 times a week I still have lumpiness. He calls it swelling What can I do

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Could I Still Be Swollen Under my Eyes 37 Days After Radiesse Was Injected?

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Yes, but it's unlikely.  The swelling that results from an injection typically dissipates within a few days, or possibly up to a week or so.  I suspect that what you have is persistence of the injection product.  I normally recommend Radiesse for use in enhancing the malar eminences, adjusting the nasolabial folds, and for deeper areas, and suggest that an HA, such as Restylane, be used for tear troughs.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

Swelling with Radiesse

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In my opinion Radiesse is not a good choice for around the tear trough area.  I think Belotero is much better choice and reversible.  The swelling you describe is very unusual and there is a simple treatment to help it go away quicker.  You may contact Merz Aesthetics and they can send you to a physician on their board of advisors that may help this go away quicker.

Swelling Under Eyes after Radiesse

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   There is no way currently available to enzymatically degrade Radiesse.   Typically, Restylane is a good choice for this area and can be degraded enzymatically if lumps develop.  There may be some swelling secondary to injection if there was bruising.  The filler will continue to fade with time.  If you want it removed it can be done surgically through the inside of the lower eyelid.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Sweeling after Radiesse

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It is very uncommon to be swollen for so long after Radiesse. The swelling usually resolves with in 10-14 days. Even if you had an allergic reaction to the product, which is rare, it should not last that long. In your case injecting Radiesse under the eyes or eyelid area is not recommended since it is a thicker filler and can become nodules due to action of the eye muscles. If it is very noticeable massaging it or even making a small incision to remove it maybe necessary since in that area it may take a long time to dissolve. But best would be to let it dissolve on its own. See a board certified plastic surgeon or oculoplastic  surgeon to help you.


Good luck

Radiesse not recommended around the eyes

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Your best option is to wait for it to resolve as this is not an area recommended for the use of Radiesse. Juvederm is what I use to inject in the tear troughs.

Radiesse problem (in eyelids)

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It is possible to have continued swelling/edema 37 days after Radiesse injection, especially since you have had repeated injections in the area. The other possibility is that you are noticing the filler itself. See a oculoplastic or facial plastic specialist.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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A tincture of time

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Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers (ie Juvederm, Restylane, etc), there is no eraser for Radiesse. Thankfully, however, it is still a temporary filler. If swelling is present longer than one month, as in your case, it will probably be persistent until the filler naturally resorbs. In the tear trough area, however, this may take a long time (months up to a year) for  complete resorption. That being said, partial resorption may allow the drainage to normalize in your eyes and decrease the swelling. Prednisone, if taken for more than a few weeks, makes you retain fluid.  I would inquire about stopping to see if your swelling improves.

Ramona Behshad, MD
Saint Louis Dermatologic Surgeon

Radiesse lumps

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I am sorry to hear about your problem.  The simplest and safest thing to do is to wait it out; it will take at least 4 more months for the Radiesse to dissipate but going in to remove it will be costly and has its own risks.

Could I still have swelling a month after Radiesse

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You can have swelling, you can also have pockets of the filler, i.e. lumpiness as you call it, which is more likely in that area with Radiesse. Time will resolve this, or if the lumps are causing serious issues, you can have them surgically removed. I would not recommend surgical removal unless something serious, beyond just lumpiness, is occurring.

Problem with Radiesse in the eye area

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There is no treatment that will do anything. You have two options: wait it out it will eventually go away or if there is a localized lump it can be surgically removed from a transconjunctival approach. Radiesse is white so it really stands out from regular tissue.

Peter T. Truong, MD
Fresno Oculoplastic Surgeon
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