Arm lift, 7 weeks post op. Is this still swelling? (Photo)

I am 7 weeks post op from an arm lift. My recovery has been great, and I think my scar looks great. I am concerned though because I feel like my arms are still big and wobbly. Could this still be swelling?? Or is this my final result. I do not have a before picture, but my arms are definitely smaller than they were before, but they are larger than I would like for my final result.

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Recovery after arm lift surgery

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Recovery after body contouring surgery takes some time, typically 6 months for most of the swelling to resolve and over a year for the scars to mature. Brachioplasty is no exception. At 7 weeks after brachioplasty, you are still early in your recovery. It is very hard to determine if the arm fullness is swelling at this point. If liposuction was used to help contour your arms, then you will typically experience even more swelling and this will also take time to resolve. Be sure to communicate your concerns with your surgeon and follow the postoperative instructions.

Arm lift, 7 weeks post op. Is this still swelling?

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NO! In my over the internet opinion without an in person examination of the area. Best to seek IN PERSON second opinions... 

Swelling After Brachioplasty

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The wound healing process following arm lift surgery lasts for over a year. Most of the swelling resolves in six to eight weeks, but small amounts of swelling may persist for up to a year. The procedure inevitably interrupts the arm lymphatic drainage and this takes time to re-establish itself

Patients can minimize swelling with compression garments, massage and limitations on activity levels. It's important to remember that swelling is a normal part of wound healing and should resolve with time.

If you're concerned about persistent swelling following arm lift surgery, it's appropriate to discuss this issue with your plastic surgeon. Your surgeon should be able to answer your questions and alleviate your anxiety.

Arm lift Result

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Thank you for your picture.  Your incision does look great.  If your arms are smaller than pre op but not as small as you like then this might be the best contour that could be achieved without complications.

Arm lift arm reduction brachioplasty

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Congratulations on having undergone an arm lift or brachioplasty. Your question is a little difficult to answer without before pictures. In addition, your question is a little difficult to answer without knowing if liposuction was performed at the time of your brachioplasty. 
Personally, I think your arms look very good and your scar is very "acceptable".
To maximize your arm lift results I would still suggest a compression garment for at least two or three more weeks. After an arm lift or brachioplasty, this is the best method to get rid of arm swelling. 

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