Should I Still Have Swelling in Calves 4 Months After Liposuction?

I had liposuction of the calves and ankles 4 months ago. I wore compression stockings day and night for 2 months but now only wear them during the day. When I remove the stockings at night my calves look nice and thin. However if I leave the stockings off for more than a couple of hours during the day my calves look really big and measure about an inch more around. Could this still be swelling after 4 months or could it be that the stockings are just temporarily shrinking my calves?

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Long-Term Swelling Resolution In Calf and Ankle Liposuction

The simple answer is ...absolutely. Liposuction of the calves and ankles takes the longest for swelling to go away of anywhere on the body, often as long as 6 months or more. You are experiencing exactly what occurs with daytime dependent swelling, good in the morning and swollen again by the end of the day. It takes a long time for the lymphatic channels to re-establish normal outflow. While 'Cankle' liposuction can produce very good results, it does involve a long course of recurrent swelling for some patients.

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