Still Swelling Below Cheek Area 8mths Post Smas Lift See Indentation?

still see indentation after taking off my glasses after 8 mths. can i still use warm compress or ask my doc for steroid injection

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Continue to observe

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Eight months postop is a fairly long duration to still be having these issues but it more than likely is still residual swelling and will reside.  It can take up to a year depending on how extensive your dissection was and how you heal.  I would recommend you schedule a follow up appointment with your surgeon to be certain but I would be fairly confident it will pass.   I hope it all turns out will for you!

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May be residual lymphedema

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Depending on the SMAS technique used, some individuals experience significant lymphedema, which is best described as a response to post-surgical disruption of normal lymphatic flow.  Lymphatic vessels run with the unnamed veins and will eventually resume their function, assuming there isn't an outflow obstruction problem.  Historically breast cancer patients whose axillary lymph nodes were sampled would experience swelling of the arm but newer techniques make this a rare occurence.  Notify your PS of this occurence, (s)/he will be most qualified to offer solutions to resolve it.


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Still Swelling Below Cheek Area 8mths Post Smas Lift See Indentation?

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Although by 8 months most issues like these have stopped, it is most likely some residual swelling. I would consult your plastic surgeon for the best advice as he/she knows your history and the procedure.

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