I'm Still Having Swelling and Pain, I Can't Even Walk on Treadmill W/o Swelling and Tightness. Is This Normal?

I have had an mastectomy followed by latissimus dorsi flap, tissue expander, then breast implant Dec 13th 2011, nipple reconstruc. Feb 2,2012. same breast 8 yrs ago radiation after lumpectomy

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It is a little difficult to tell you much without an examination but you should be able to live your life without selling and pain.  Please have a consultation with your plastic surgeon or another board certified plastic surgeon in your area of the country that is familiar with all forms of reconstruction.  I suspect that if you had radiation in that area and everything is firm and tight that you may have a capsular contracture that can occur normally but is mre likely after radiation treatment.  I have handled these a number of ways depending on my patient's desires.  If pain an tightness are the overwheling features I have removed the implant and perfomed a DIEP flap to peform a total breast reconstruction.  This works very well and removes the excess tissue of the lower abdomen.  If this is unable to be performed because there is to little tissue then there are other options.

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