Can I Still Go Sky Diving After I Get a BA?

I am curious to know if after I get my breast augmentation done, can I still be able to go sky diving? surfing? scuba diving? and boxing? I am very athletic and love these activities, anyone knows or has been able to do it? I am going for silicon implants, will they resist such pressure?

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Sky diving

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After breast augmentation you should be able to engage in all your usual activities after a reasonable healing time.  Many women are afraid that certain activities can increase the risk of implants breakage, but the implants are really quite durable.  Also, I have never seen a case of implant breakage or deflation which could positively be attributed to anything like sky diving, scuba, or any other athletic activity.  I do know of one case, however, where a woman was deep sea fishing and she was impaled in her chest be a marlin snout.  It punctured her lung and her chest implant.

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Physical Activity after Breast Augmentation

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Sure, you can eventually return to all those exercises, with perhaps the exception of live sparring during boxing training. Best to give yourself a few weeks (4-6 is usually good) to be able to recover fully, and then you can start some of those activities, preferably ones that do not put added pressure on your chest and breast implants, as tolerated. If you can wait untill complete healing has happened and the implants settle into good position, which may take several months, then it would be best. Most of the activities that you mentioned, surfing, scuba, and sky diving, are actually not adding direct pressure to the chest in large amounts - so those are probably ok. Boxing, however, with a sparring partner may result in direct pressure blows to the implants, which can rupture the implant. So that is best avoided altogether. Good luck.

Sky Diving and Other Extreme Sports After Breast Augmentation

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You are able to do anything you would like after augmentation surgery. My rule of thumb if it hurts, don't do it at that moment or temporarily modify exercise. I would recommend my patients to wait a minimum of a month or longer for extreme sports. But there isn't a reason why you can't do everything you did before surgery.

Skydiving and other activities/exercise after breast augmentation and recovery

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Best to allow 4-6 weeks after breast augmentation before resuming all normal activities.  I recommend 2 weeks of no heavy lifting and 6 weeks before doing anything like running (anything where the breasts are prone to repetitive, stressing, up/down motion, i.e., "bouncing up and down").  After that, live your life, including jumping out of perfectly good planes or scuba diving or whatever.  Best of luck to you.

Skydiving after breast augmentation

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As long as you have healed properly from your surgery and your surgeon has cleared you for regular physical activities you can go ahead and enjoy physical activity as you had before the breast implants.


Good luck and have fun!

Activities after breast augmentation

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Once you have healed from a breast augmentation, you should be able to participate in all activities that  you were able to do before surgery.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Extreme Sports after breast Augmentation

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In essence, you should think of your breast implants the way you would think of your natural breasts. Anything that you would do normally you can do after having implants placed. So go for it and have fun!


Daniel Medalie, MD

Activity as tolerated after breast augmentation

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The short answer to your question is yes.   I generally recommend no heavy lifting or strenuous activity (i.e. working out, lifting above 20 lbs, intimate activity, etc) for about 3 to 4 weeks after breast augmentation surgery.  After four weeks, you would be cleared to resume activity as tolerated.  Enjoy!

Sky diving after breast augmentation

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More power to you! You couldn't catch me jumping out of a plane! Seriously, so long as you understand that, in the rare event of a direct impact, the implant could rupture (not to mention that you could break a few bones), then you can have a breast augment. However, you should discuss with your plastic surgeon how long you should wait before resuming these activities and follow his recommendations.

Return to sports after breast augmentation.

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Most surgeons agree (as you can tell from the posts) that physical activity is not limited after breast augmentation after complete healing. The difference of opinion is timing of complete healing. Generally it takes a couple weeks longer for submuscular (under the muscle) implants than subglandular (just under the breast tissue). This is usually 4-6 weeks, however, I inform my patients that their body will be their guide. In other words, if it hurts, then you are not healed and not ready for that activity. This may be a little more difficult to judge sky diving as once you are free falling it is too late to turn back. Have fun and be safe.

Brian J. Lee, MD
Fort Wayne Plastic Surgeon
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