Still Very Red 8 Weeks Post Fraxel Restore. Is This Normal? What Do You Recommend?

I am 8 weeks post fraxel laser restore on chest and still very red.I saw my board certified dermatologist that did my laser treatment today. He suggested giving this more time to heal before trying v beam laser.I had 3 treatments all together only after the 3rd treatment is when I experienced redness. I have been using skinmedica redness relief cream for 6 weeks and it is not helping. Do you have any suggestions and is this redness normal?

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Redness after Fraxel restore

redness after a Fraxel Restore is common but it usually subsides completely in 2 weeks (in my experience) it would make sense to take a photo of the redness on the treated sites and compare it at least 2 weeks post use the use of SkinMedica cream. if u do not see a noticeable difference u should consult with your dermatologist for further care 

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