Is It Still Post-operative Swelling - or is my Initial Result "Going Away"?

I had open rhinoplasty with alar base reduction, 9mm tip graft, septoplasty and osteotomy - 2 May 2012. 1) Since these photos 2 months ago, I noticed my nose lost more shape. Its wider allover and tip is less defined than pictured (I do have oily, fairly thick skin) Should I be alarmed or just wait past 1 year rec. PS thinks this is my final result. He doesn't do Kenalog. My nasal bones still quite tender and feel bruised. Is this my final result? Should I consider a possible revision??

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Rhinoplasty revision

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Some of the photos are difficult to se because they are small but the ones I was able to review look quite good.

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Postoperative Swelling and Rhinoplasty

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   You appear to have a major improvement over your preoperative status, but you should wait the full year before making an assessment about revision.

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