Still Have Periods of Congestion One Month After Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction?

the congestion changes comes and goes throughout the day. Sometimes breathe better on right, then left. Sometimes breathe fairly clearly out of both sides. In the morning I can wake up with one side almost completely blocked, then after being up for a while it clears. My nasal passages also get really dry which adds to the feeling of congestion. I use saline regularly. I cant say that im breathing better yet than before the surgery. Is it normal to still have dry nose swelling at this point?

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Congestion After Septoplasty

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Dear Paul2525: It is normal to have congestion and swelling one month after Septum and Turbinate surgery. Your nose is still healing: however, it continues to function as a nose. Nasal toilet with Saline spray is good, but I find Saline gel to be more effective in drying situations. This should improve with time. Be patient and follow-up with your surgeon when told to. Hope this helps.

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