I Still Have Pain 8 Weeks After BA when Does This Go Away

Still have pain especially under right arm pit/ feel burning sensation in right breast

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Pain after breast augmentation

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It is unusual to have discomfort 8 weeks after a breast augmentation.  In some cases women describe hypersensitivity of the skin or of the nipple which occurs as the nerves recover from stretching during the procedure.  This tends to resolve.  It is rare for patients to complain of any discomfort when I see them at their 3 month post op visit.  I would make sure you follow up with your plastic surgeon to make sure nothing unusual is going on.

Good luck and thank you for your question.

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Pain after Breast Augmentation Surgery

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You may have pain related to irritation of your nerves. Neuropathic pain or nerve related pain maybe caused by irritation or scar tissue or maybe a pressure related phenomenon. Rest assure, there are several treatments for pain due to breast implants. If you do have pain, begin massage to the area of pain to help desensitize the area. If at least 6 months and preferably 12 months have passed after your breast implant surgery, some modalities that may help resolve your pain are:

1. Local Steroid injection to area of pinpoint pain

2. Flector transdermal NSAID patch

3. Intercostal nerve block

You should consult with your plastic surgeon to determine what is most appropriate for you and your particular signs and symptoms. Good Luck, Ankit Desai, MD - Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Ankit Desai, MD
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Pain after Breast Augmentation?

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 Thank you for the question.

It is not possible to give you an accurate prediction without an accurate diagnosis for the cause of your continued discomfort. I would suggest follow-up with your plastic surgeon who is in the best position to help you.

Best wishes.

Breast Pain

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It is extremely hard to make accurate diagnosis as well as giving crucial decision making clinical decision without an in person physical examination along with a length discussion, please see your local board certified plastic surgeon in your area. If you dont have a surgeon or cant locate your surgeon you can look at the american society of aesthetic plastic surgery website and search by zip code or postal code. I wish you the best success!

Pain two months after breast augmentation

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  Pain after breast augmentation is part of the process but it usually subsides pretty much in the first couple of weeks.

  However, it is not uncommon for patients to complain of jabbing pains upon arm motions or workouts even for a more prolonged time.  Numbness, stabbing pains intermittently, hypersensitivity etc....these are not the usual at 8 weeks but certainly warrant an opinion of your ps too make sure that all is well. 

  A capsule scar builds up around all implants and perhaps this has entrapped some of the small nerves that are giving you these sensations.  If all is okay after the ps evaluates, then the recommendation will more than likely to be to give it more time.  Tests can be done on a needed basis but time is always a good healer.  If you are finding that the sensations are getting worse, then something may need to be done.  If you are finding the symptoms getting more infrequent, then this is a good sign.

Eight weeks after breast augmentation

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It is a bit unusual for you to have pain eight weeks after breast implant surgery. Sometimes it is related to the nerves "waking" up.  Either way, and exam is important to assess what is going on.

Steven Wallach, MD
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