Still Have Pain 3 Months After I Had Facial Nerve Transpant to Regain Movement on the Right Side of my Face? (photo)

3 months ago I had a nerve transplant to regain movement on the right side of my face My concern is that the incisions though they look ok they still hurt and the swelling on the affected side is reducing sooo slowly and still hurts In addition I have itches,tightness,tingling and twinges. When will the pain stop? When will I see any movement ? what are the signs of nerve regeneration? how long before the swelling goes down?

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Procedures to restore smile, including nerve "transplant" procedures can be associated with the same set of complications that are associated with other facial procedures.  Temporary numbness, tingling, and swelling are all fairly common concerns after these procedures.  Movement of the face does not usually start for 6-12 months after the procedure.  The swelling may take 12-18 months to fully go away, but most of the swelling is gone by 6 months.

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