Still Having Pain in Lower Back with Swelling and Numbness in my Leg?

Had LBL in december had a really good recovery. I had a problem with re occurring seromas in my back which were drained three times. They kept coming back so my PS decided to take me back to the OR to sclerose the area. Which worked but now I am having pain and swelling again and am fearful that it is a seroma again, but now i cannot feel my leg. I'm very frustrated with all this. My PS is wonderful but is it possible for this to reoccurr after sclerosion?

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Is it possible for seroma to reoccurr after sclerosis? Numbness after sclerosis.

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Yes it is possible--nothing in medicine works 100% of the time. I usually refer sclerosis patient to interventional radiologists, and it is common for patients to  require more than one treatment. In terms of the numbness, I think a referral to a neurologist for evaluation would be prudent.Thank you for your question, and I hope things go well for you. 

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