I Still Have my Right Canine Tooth, I'm 16 and It's Pretty Loose. Should I Get Invisalign?

So, I still have my right canine. (from my point of view) I'd like to get Invisalign to make my teeth a bit more straighter, and get that perfect smile. I've been researching Invisalign, and my parents are considering it, but honestly, I'm a tad bit scared. Most people say I must get my baby canine removed, but I don't want that big gap in my teeth. And my permanent has yet to have surfaced. What should I do? I'm 16, and a Sophomore in High School, I don't want to be seen with braces.

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Baby canine

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If your baby canine is loose it is coming out sooner or later. The real question you need to ask yourself is do you want to deal with it now or later. Later may mean prom it falls out, maybe while your away at college, maybe just before a big job interview or before your wedding.

If your grownup canine is in there, you need an xray to see if there is even a chance for it to come in. The longer you wait the less likely you will ever get it in then you truly will be toothless.

Either way you will have a gap at some point for sometime. Invisalign can not be used to help pull into place the adult canine, braces will be needed.

If the adult tooth can't be pulled in to place and you loose your baby tooth a fake tooth can be placed in your Invisalign tray=good news.

Chesterfield Orthodontist

Baby Canine

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Baby canine or deciduous tooth as we call it are important to treat. I am assuming they have done an x-ray and seen the permanent tooth somewhere up above it. Baby teeth can be retained for a long time if they have long intact roots. Sounds like yours is loose so the root is mostly gone. I would highly suggest you move forward with orthodontics and get that permanent tooth down. Conventional braces. Even clear type re best and fastest. You can consider lingual braces called incognito by 3 M. This is not a good situation for invisalign.  Good Luck

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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