Can I Still Get my Nose Rebroke and Reset with a Septal Perforation?

I had a freak accident where a phone slipped out of my hands and hit the bridge of my nose about 3 months ago.I noticed immediately that it was out of place but had not had a nose injury in years so I put ice on it for a couple weeks and it did nothing. Now it still looks exactly like I did and I hate the way it looks.It knocked one part at the top of the bridge out that used to go in.I really want to get it reset but I noticed now that 8 have a septal perforation can I still get it fixed thx

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Rhinoplasty and septal perforation

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Septal perforation can make any nasal deformity look even worse.  It can result in a saddle deformity as in the link below.  It can be corrected but likely requires cartilage grafting from other areas - such as the rib

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Fixing broken nose with septal perforation

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It is certainly acceptable to undergo reduction of a nasal fracture while having a septal perforation.  The procedure of open reduction nasal fracture will not effect the septal perforation.  The septal perforation could potentially be closed at the same time. If the perforation is small enough, it can be sutured closed, otherwise it will be closed with a septal button, which is a synthetic implant.  This is not considered cosmetic and would be billed to the patient’s medical insurance.

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Reset Broken Nose With a Septal Perforation

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The answer to your question depends on the size of the perforation. Schedule a consultation and examination with a rhinoplasty specialist. The perforation should be evaluated because they can be progressive, enlarging and causing more problems in the future. In most cases the bones can be reset.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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A rhinoplasty is possible with septal perforation

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  • The septal perforation should be repaired first if you are symptomatic
  • If you just "noticed" you have a septal perforation, you should make sure you know what caused it before surgery.  Autoimmune disorders and other causes should be considered.
  • The resetting of nasal bones and addressing the cartilage can be performed with a septal perforation, but another site for cartilage will be required..
  1.       Ear Cartilage
  2.       Rib Cartilage
  3.  an implant material is not recommended if you have a septal perforation.

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Travis T. Tollefson, MD, MPH
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Septal Perforation and Rhinoplasty

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You should be able to get your nose broken and reset by a good surgeon even with an existing septal perforation. What I would advise against is doing any other cosmetic surgery to the nose and simultaneously doing any septal perforation repair work. Working on a septal perforation and doing cosmetic rhinoplasty work at the same session is a recepie for disaster. The bloodflow alterations by the combined proceedures would stress the healing process needlessly and and to the chances of a poor result or complication. Make sure to do cosmetic work and any septal perforation repair work in separate sessions.


A septal perforation will most likely not be worse with bone resetting

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I am sorry to hear that you have a septal perforation from an injury.  In general, resetting the bones by a careful and experienced rhinoplasty surgeon should not worsen a septal perforation.  However, if a septal perforation is going to be closed, I would not do the bone resetting at the same time since the septum truly needs as much blood supply so that the flaps stay healthy and also you might actually damage your repair if you do both surgeries at the same time.  If you do one or the other, I would wait a minimum of 6 months if not closer to a year before doing the other procedure so that the blood supply issue and the repair is not damaged.  Depending on your situation, I would consider doing the bone resetting first then the septal repair at least 6 months later.  I personally no longer perform septal perforation repairs because they truly break my back when i have to bend over and get in there to close the perforation using flaps and Alloderm inter positional grafting.  it is grueling.  hope that helps.


sam lam

Sam Lam, MD, FACS
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

Rhinoplasty for the broken nose with septal perforation.

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Rhinoplasty can reset your bones without greatly risk unless the perforation is quite large. See an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Septal Perforation

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A deviation of the nose secondary to trauma with a septal perforation may be addressed with more risk than a standard procedure on your nose. The degree of increased risk is dependent on the size and location of the septal perforation. 

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