Is It Possible This is Still Lipoma and the Dr. Just Wants a Closer Look Things?

I noticed a lump on myshoulder after painting. I thought it was muscles and massaged but it got bigger so I saw I saw my dr. She sent me for an ultra sound and I was told "lipoma". It wasn't bothering me until a couple months later. I was sent for another ultra sound and surgeon. Same thing "lipoma" but lets do an MRI before removing it. Now MRI shows abnormalties and I'm being sent to yet another dr. I'm a nervous wreck wondering how, for a year, this was nothing to worry about until now.

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Lipoma surgery

its hard to exactly figure out by your story whats going on. i would have to see the mri report. 


most of the time however if it feels like a lipoma and it bothers you just take it out.


if its suspicious for something else you can always do an incisional biopsy.


adding all these tests can sometimes be helpful if the mass is in the neck but for the most part if it was on your shoulder i would have removed it prior to all the tests especially if that is what you wanted from the beginning.

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