Can I Still Lift Weights That Build Muscle in the Lower Portion of my Body After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

When I exercise I do weight lifting especially in building my legs and glutes (buttocks). If I was to get a brazilian butt lift can I still lift weights after the appropriate healing time and continue to build muscle around and in my butt or will I have to have a new exercising regimine? Can I exercise (predominately weight lifting, brisk walks etc) and maintain weight after a Brazilian Butt lift? Can anyone give any tips in regards to healthy living and how the body will be after the procedure?

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Can I still exercise my butt after Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Great question.  The answer is absolutely!  You will need time to heal - probably about 6 weeks, but after that you can resume your exercise routine - including exercising your glutes!  Weight training is a GREAT way to stay in shape after fat grafting and has numerous other health benefits.  The Brazilian Butt lift will not alter your overall physical fitness.  You may find that after a 6 week break from weight training (talk to your surgeon about the specifics of your exercise routine), it may take a few weeks to get back to the amount of weight you were previously lifting.  The areas where you have fat harvesting (liposuction) will be sore for the first few weeks (much like after a strenuous workout), but most of my patients are back to their pre-surgery exercise routine by 6 weeks post-op!

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Exercise after BBL....

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Yes, you can strengthen and tone your lower body without "losing" your butt. Try to avoid excessive cardio burning too many calories will lead to fat cell "giving up" their fat and shrinking. They don't die, they just get smaller. If you put on some weight they will plump up again.


I recommend you stay within 5 pounds of your goal weight to keep the look going.


hope this helps,


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Exercise after BBL

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With most surgeries, we recommend a 6 week recovery period.  Every patient heals differently, but this is an average.  Exercise should not be a problem.  This is an excellent procedure, but a newer one.  We have had excellent results with this surgery. Be sure you seek out a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and discuss your concerns and expectations prior to surgery.

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