Is It Possible I Still Have Some Juvederm Left After a Year?

Back in May of 2010 I was injected with ArteFill in the chin, which resulted in a lump. I received a shot of Kenalog to dilate the lump, which left an indent. The doctor said that in six months this would fill back in. So I decided to get Juvederm to hide the indent while I waited, a total of 3 syringes within the six months. The dent did fill back in but I still have the raised area, resulting in same lump. It has been over a year -- Is it possible that there still might be some Juvederm left?

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Juvederm Lasting Time

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Juvederm utilizes a new cross-linking technology that enables a very smooth and natural appearing result, with injected areas retaining volume from to 6-12 months, with layering techniques lasting longer. Depending on how your Juvederm was injected, it is possible that there is still some Juvederm left. I would speak directly with the doctor who performed the procedure about this. Best of luck! 

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