Still Not Happy with Liposuction of Abdomin

I am still not happy with my lipo of the belly almost 1 year ago, and i went back to my surgeon and told him. he said that I might need a mini tummy tuck for the excess skin on the lover abdominal as I have been overweight before. Is that really the only solution ? what is bothering me is the line under the belly.b. When I flex my lower abs and when I bend backwards my lower ab is splitting, and i have two bulges on each side with a deep gap between, what is causing this, a split lower muscle?

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Dissatisfaction after abdominal liposuction

its very common to have partial results after liposuction or not be happy with the results especially on areas like the abdomen. its possible to just get the tummy tuck and tighten up your muscles and get rid of the excess skin. at the same time u can also consider a revision of the previously performed liposuction and have the abdomen contoured to match the flanks and upper abdomen. I would defer to your surgeon and follow his advice 

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck best for loose skin and muscle separation in abdomen

Though no one can give you specific advice without personally seeing you, it appears that you have a type of muscle separation called a diastasis which is common after pregnancy. Loose skin would also result from prior weight gain or pregnancy, and with this combination liposuction alone does not typically give the best result. A tummy tuck should correct the muscle separation and remove some skin for a flatter smoother look.

Richard Baxter, MD
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