Still Having Extreme Tightness in Lower Abdomen and Loose Feeling in Upper Stomach 18mos After T/t. What Could This Be?

My initial t/t was to supposed to repair an upper muscle separation but came out feeling extreme tightness in lower abdomen and still hernia appearance in upper stomach when trying to sit up. Lower stomach "locks up" and spasms when I try to excercise or even walk fast. My weight has not changed and original surgeon no help. Im so uncomfortable please help.

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Varied symptoms 18 months post abdominoplasty

Photos would provide a little more information regarding your situation. The symptoms are somewhat ambiguous though from your description, it sounds like the repair above your umbilicus was not as tight as would have been idea whereas below your umbilicus, the opposite may be true.

You clearly are unhappy and symptomatic so it would be in your interest to see two or more reputable board certified plastic surgeons who may be able to provide you with helpful information and even solutions.

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Difficult Problem.

It sounds like the lower abdomen is much tighter than the upper abdomen above the belly button.  If you lay down flat and sit up without using your hands, you may see a buldge in the upper abdomen.  This may confirm my thoughts.  Also sometime suture unravel.  In 18 months things are not likely to change.  I would still discuss with your plastic surgeon.

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Tummy Tuck Result?

Thank you for the question.

Based on your description,  it would behoove you to be seen by a few other board-certified plastic surgeons for evaluation. It may be that there is an issue with your abdominal wall muscle plication.   The “hernia appearance and upper stomach” suggests that abdominal wall  muscle repair is not tight enough ( may have become separated)  or  that there is redundant skin  in this area. 

Second opinions in person may be helpful to see if provision surgery is indicated.

Best wishes. 

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