I Still Have Excess Skin After my Tummy Tuck is this Normal? (photos)

befor/ 7wksafter pics this timeI never been a smoker. hada full tummy tuck complete w ambillicus replacement.No muscle repair just 2.5 lbs of skin removed. No lipo. One "dog ear" that surgeon said he'd take care of in 2 mnths. As 4 the excess skin, he said it was fine, but would recheck in 2 months. I am not thrilled with how high/far back on my hips/back my scar goes, much less with the excess skin/rolls I STILL have. Im 5ft 1 about 125 lbs,(highest weight was 180 w/my pregnancies).

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Residual Laxity Not Typical

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Weight loss patients can have additional relapse in skin laxity, but your result is not typical for a tummy tuck.  You would benefit from additional skin tightening.  I am sure your surgeon would consider a revision at 6-12 months, but you will likely have to cover the cost of the facility and anesthesia.  Incomplete correction is a known risk of the procedure.  Discuss further with your surgeon. All the best!

Unhappy with skin excision only abdominoplasty

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From your photos, it does appear that there is laxity of your abdominal skin above your umbilicus. As regards the length of the incision, this was probably necessary due to the amount and extent of the excess skin that you had.

I recommend that you discuss your concerns regarding the excess skin/contour above your belly button with your plastic surgeon. You may also want to consider obtaining a second opinion as well from another plastic surgeon as regards this.

Good luck.

Extra skin in the upper abdominal area after a skin only abdominoplasty

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It is difficult to determine from you photographs if there is excess skin of the upper abdomen and how tight the skin was pulled inferiorly to correct this problem.  The scar needs to be extended from hip to hip transversely to help remove the excess skin in the vertical direction.  If you are unhappy with your results discuss this with your plastic surgeon.  If this is unsatisfactory then seek out a second opinion.  

I Still Have Excess Skin After my Tummy Tuck is this normal?

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It may be normal if you are bending over. Unfortunately it is hard to evaluate your status with the posted photos. A standing photo, not bending over is what we use. Whenever anyone bends forward the distance from chest to pelvis shortens, and the skin will buckle, especially in a person who has poor skin elasticity which led to the the need for a TT in the first place. 

I can't really tell how high the incision goes on the posted photo. Based on the pre-op photos, I think that if you had had a shorter incision your surgeon would not have gotten as much correction.

Please consider posting an erect photo, showing the whole abdomen. It may well be that there is still excess skin, but I can't tell from these pictures.  All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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