Should I Still Have Excess Loose Skin Sfter Tummy Tuck 6 1/2 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

Im 6 1/2 weeks post op. I am concerned that bronchitis damaged my tummy tuck. I also might have "dog ears " on my right side? Is the excess skin normal?

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Excess Skin 6 1/2 weeks post op from tummy tuck

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It is very difficult to assess the quality of your tummy tuck result without pre-operative photographs.  I do not see an obvious dog ear on your right side.  If you do have a small raised area there that does not resolve over the next 3 months, that is an easy thing for your surgeon to touch up  in the office.  Bronchitis can cause pain with coughing and very rarely lead to an issue with the muscle repair but I do not see any obvious evidence of this in your pictures.  Good luck.

Should I Still Have Excess Loose Skin Sfter Tummy Tuck 6 1/2 Weeks Post Op?

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A posted before photo always helps. Yes you have slight excess skin and dog ears but allow more healing time before thinking about a revision. 

Loose Skin 6.5 Weeks after Tummy Tuck

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       If you do not have prominent rectus abdominis musculature and little body fat, there probably is some loose skin unless you are leaning forward or sitting in the pictures.  I would have to examine you to say for sure.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

6.5 weeks post tt

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I see several problems at this point in time. 

You have several (~3) transverse bands of adherent tissue in the upper abdomen.  I don't know why it occurred, or if it will resolve on its own.


Right side of wound irregularity- appears to be irregular, but it may be due to a stretch mark and will likely resolve.


Left wound irregularity-  The wound appears to be depressed and stuck to deeper structures.  This may or may not get better over time.


Disclaimer- We don't know much about you or went on.  It is very important to communicate with your doctor and keep your relationship good.  Find out his thoughts, and what next steps might be.  Remember, sometimes, even the best doctors, doing the best operation, on the best patient, may not get the best result.  That is why secondary or revision surgery exists.




Upper abdominal loose skin 6 weeks post tummy tuck

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Thank you for your question and photos. Without preop photos it is hard to make a comment, which might be unfair to your surgeon.What I see, that you have a very long incision which tends to angle upwards toward the back, excess upper abdominal skin and excess fat both on the abdomen, flanks and back (although this is hard to see). Not every surgeon's abdominoplasty is the same. Depends on you age, other medical conditions, what surgical plan you agreed to or what you could afford financially. All these factors come into play during the consultation and operative planning. You could benefit from a full abdominoplasty and liposuction to contour the rest of your midsection. Need to heal first, might consider another surgery in 6-12 months. Good luck.

Tummy tuck result

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Unfortunately, the photos are insufficient to indicate the entire incision and to enable meaningful comment.  "Excess" skin depends upon your starting point, the laxity of your skin and other factors than can't be evaluated in a photograph.  Your scarring is in the inflammatory phase and it is much too early to evaluate whether you will need any dogear revision at a later date.

Excess skin in upper abdomen are tummy tuck

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I think I can see the umbilical scar, however if you are standing up straight the folds in the upper abdomen might be related to an incomplete release of the upper abdominal skin. Six weeks is early to know how things will sort out.

Uneven skin after abdominoplasty

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the bottom of your abdomen looks fairly flat but the top appears to have rolls of skin.  This indicates inadequate mobilization or undermining of the skin in the upper abdomen.  To correct this will need to undermine the superior portion of the abdominal skin and then pull the skin downwards.  However since you have an abdominoplasty already and there is a scar where the umbilicus is, if this is done then the current umbilical scar will be visible somewhere between the umbilicus and the abdominoplasty incision. 

Abdominoplasty results

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It does appear that there is some remaining skin folds, primarily, above your umbilicus. There are many ways to approach and perform abdominoplasty surgery. The goals and expected outcomes can be very different. I don't know what you looked like prior to your surgery and I don't know exactly what type of abdominoplasty was performed. While it is early in the healing process, you should discuss this with your surgeon. If you are not satisfied with the answers you are getting you might want to get a second opinion from another board certified plastic surgeon that has experience in this arena. 

Should I Still Have Excess Loose Skin Sfter Tummy Tuck 6 1/2 Weeks Post Op

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I can't tell if you are standing or sitting in the photos. If you are sitting, it is completely expected that the skin in not tight in that posture--if it were tight you would not be able to stand straight.

If it is standing view, I share your concern about excess skin in the upper abdomen. As to the irregularity at the end of the incision, these are quite common and usually resolve without treatment as the swelling diminishes and the healing skin remodels. 

Stay in touch with your surgeon, and share your concerns. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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