Can you give me a clear answer as to what happens to silicone that is free in the body after an implant ruptures?

Has anyone ever had this complaint before; about free silicone in the body and what the dangers are. The cancer was on the left; some of the lymph nodes were removed on that side. That is the side the implant broke, so is it not true that the silicone could have gone other places because it did not follow the usual route through the lymph nodes and lymphatic system under the arm on the left? I just feel like I have a ticking time bomb inside of me just waiting to explode. Thank you in advance.

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What happens to silicone free in the body

Thank you for your question.  As others have stated silicone gel has been carefully studied at major academic medical institutions for years and by the FDA.  There is no link between free silicone gel and significant systemic disease. For detailed summary of this issue please read the following link:

SIlicone free in body

Thank you for your breast implant question.

  • Research shows no link between silicone from breast implants and cancer,
  • Silicone gel of the older variety can enter lymph nodes.
  • There is no evidence this damages the body.
  • THe issue with silicone in the body is the irritating effects of injected liquid silicone -
  • But this is not what you had. 

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Can you give me a clear answer as to what happens to silicone that is free in the body after an implant ruptures?

Sorry for your issues. But free silicone in your system is inert. I would be more proactive concerning your cancer than the silicone at this point.

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Migrating silicone

Silicone has probably been the most studied material ever put into the human body.Silicone is evrywhere.It can be picked up and transported through the lymph system.there are cells called macrophages that can ingest the silicone.I would have no hesitancy in putting silicone in my daughter or any family member.It is a safe material to implant in the body.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Does Silicone travels after an Implant rupture?

Nowadays we just use cohesive gel implants that means that it will remain onsite in a case of a rupture. When we place Breast Impalnts, your body will build a capsule around it, so it won't go anywhere. So you can be tranquile with this issue. Just have to go for a replacement surgery.

Luis Lopez Tallaj, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Free silicone in the body

Several studies have shown no risk after leaking silicone.  It most likely stays right where it is because of the cohesive aspects of the silicone.

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