Why Do I Still Have a Dark Age Spot After Chemical Peel at Dermo Office? Medium Peel

Had chemical peel at dermo & day 5 area peeled where I had a lrg dark spot, but still there. I called doctor's office & spoke to an assistant; she said wait two weeks because I can still peel. How can I still peel if I already peeled in that area? I also asked about redness/pinkness. Again, told that's normal. They had me use retina-a two weeks prior 2-peel. She did 15% since skin was aggrevated from retina-a. I frosted immediately. I turned brown on day two, so medium peel.

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15% TCA is a superficial chemical peel.

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Even a 35% chemical peel is considered by some authorities to be a superficial peel.  It is essential to understand that facial dyschromias (brown spots) can be quite deep.  As such, even medium depth peels may not remove all of the pigment.

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