Still congested after sinus surgery 3 months ago. Had allergy testing.

Hello, I started feeling sick in October of 2013. I went to physician and they thought i had a head cold and slight confusion. Went to ENT who removed adenoids when i was 5. Im 16 now and was never sick since october (i do football and locker room not the cleanest) I had 4 rounds of steroids and antibiotics then Sinus surgery January 21 (ballon sinoplasty) I was so congested i could breath through nose before. No i feel better but not much still congested.HELP CANT LIVE LIKE THIS...

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It is time for a second opinion

Balloon sinuplasty is indicated in a very small population. Unfortunately, the limited procedure does not remove any tissue from the nose. It also does not address the ethmoid sinuses which are a major area of concern for sinusitis. Find a surgeon who specializes in sinus surgery so you can get a definitive procedure and get on with your life. Many of the revisions that I have performed were on patients who had balloon sinus surgery outside of Manhattan when they required Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and tissue removal to adequately open the sinuses. Bring your first CAT scan to the surgeon so he can explain to you what was done and what can be done to improve your condition. You may at this point also have inferior turbinate hypertrophy or a septum deviated enough to require repair. Let your parents know how you feel and let them help you through this process.

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