Will I Still Be Able to Breastfeed if I Undergo Explantation During Lactation?

I would like to have my silicone implants removed, but am still breastfeeding a 7-month old. Is it possible to maintain lactation after this procedure? My incisions are at the base of the breasts, and the implants are small; B/C-cup.

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Breast feeding and implant removal

First, if you are actively lactating, then surgey should not be performed.  I suggest that you complete breast feeding before having them removed unless there is some issue with your implants.

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Will I Still Be Able to Breastfeed if I Undergo Explantation During Lactation?

I think we need more information. Rather than asking if your lactation could continue right after breast implant removal, I think a more important question is WHY do you need to have your implants removed while you are still breast feeding?

Lactation is a fairly complex process which involves coordination between your pituitary gland at the base of the brain, your ovaries and your breasts as well as the stimulation caused by the baby's mouth. Stress and pain WILL interfere and may halt milk production.

The extent of trauma to the breast caused by implant removal (even through a breast fold scar) may cause tenderness which could interfere with your ability to nurse. Furthermore, few surgeons would invite the proximity and manipulation of the breast associated with nursing immediately after surgery.

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Breast Surgery while Lactating?

Thank you for the question.

I would suggest that you wait until after you have completed breast-feeding before you undergo any type of breast surgery. This will help you avoid complications such as a build up of a milk collection around the time of surgery.

If additional surgery is necessary after breast implant removal it would be best if your breasts have reached a “steady state” ( at least 3 to 6 months after completion of breast-feeding and when you have reached a long-term stable weight)  to determine what type of operation would best serve to meet your goals.

Best wishes.

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