Should I Get Stitches for an Already Removed Mole?

I have had a skin color mole on my face (on the smile line) under my nose and above my lip Acquired mole in 2003 so I had it for 7years.I got it removed by a dermitologist by shaving (method recommended by him) After removing he told me that there were some fatty cells under the mole that poped right out and told me everything looks great and the results will be excellent.Then he called me back in and said because it has become hollow now you should stitch. should i?

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Mole removal: treatment depends on the diagnosis

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There are different kinds of "moles". An examination by an experienced dermatologist with dermatoscopy will give you the highest degree of safety. 

Congenital nevi are moles that exist from birth on or develop in the first 2 years of life. These nevi often have deep roots and may return, if they are not completely excised. For these moles excision and stitching is the best treatment.

Acquired nevi develop later in life. For these lesions a shave excision with following laser oder radiofrequency ablation usually is the cosmetically best treatment.

Moles that are popping out during surgery may be neurofibroma.

Sending the specimen to the lab for examination should be done in any way. 

Cutting out and stitching the wound regardless of the correct diagnosis is not advisable.

Mainz Dermatologic Surgeon

Different ways to remove facial moles....

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A plastic surgeon likely would not have shaved off a facial mole from the start.  Surgeons tend to cut things out, then close them neatly, so the scar is favorable.  Sounds like that's what you need to have done for your scar now.


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If the scar is bothering you then revise the scar, and suture it.

If the area is depressed see your plastic surgeon for revision of the scar

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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