If Stiches Are Left in the Eye How Long Will It Be Before It Causes Problems? (photo)

My daughter age 5 had surgery a year and a half ago to try solve her ptosis in her left eye,She has had a gooy eye and lot's of infections since.Last week she went back to surgery and they found 2 stiches left in her eye from her last surgery she had been crying all night in pain when she closed her eye so this is proberly why!! will this have caused problems with her eye? and could she have lost her sight? we feel very let down about this eyes are so precious we are concered what could of been?

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Stitches left in after ptosis surgery. What is the danger?

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That is unfortunate that your daughter has had problems.  It sounds like the surgeon used a non-absorbable stitch if it was still around after that long.  Not knowing the details of the case, one can only speculate possible problems.  I have seen permanent sutures erode through the inside of eyelids and rub on the cornea, causing pain and irritation.  I prefer longer lasting, but absorbable sutures, such as Vicryl, in my ptosis repair cases.  Any suture, however, can cause a problem if not properly placed.

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