3 1/2 months out and looked better when I 1st got home from surgery. Is this normal???? (photos)

Why is Swelling still coming and going? Is this my final look? Should I wing myself off of compression? Should I just be happy with my results or get a 2nd opinion? I had 3 large hernia's repaired, 6 in muscle gap repair and breast left and implants on March 31st. I seen my dr for 3 1/2 month check up and he said I was still swollen a little.. Not common but not unheard of? I liked my results better earlier on then now. HELP!!!

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Hi tabitha132
You should expect swelling for a year or longer, so you are not nearly done.  When you first got home from surgery, your swelling may not have peaked, and this would explain why after a time, you look fuller than right after surgery.
I would suggest a visit with your doctor to be sure that you just have residual swelling at this time, which is quite common, and let him discuss with you what comes next, what treatment if any is indicated.  Let him advise you on the garment.
All the best.

3 1/2 months out and looked better when I 1st got home from surgery.

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the best results are seen at 1 year,however what ever is now is not going to radically change,follow your diet and excercise protocol,iam sure your surgeon must have  counselled you before surgery the expected outcomes,its always better to visit your surgeon and voice your concerns with your ps before taking a second opinion,because if he is genuinely good hell offer you better solutions

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