If I Am 14 Weeks Post Op and Still Have Hanging Skin, Will It Get Any Better? (photo)

I had a full tt with lipo and muscle repair after losing 30 kg, I am now 14 weeks post op and still have hanging skin, do you think that this is as good as it gets? Will a revision help? If yes what will help? Sorry for the multiple questions. I never expected to have perfection but was hoping for the results to be much better, was I expecting too much..

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If I Am 14 Weeks Post Op and Still Have Hanging Skin, Will It Get Any Better?

Thank you for your question and for the attached photos. One comment--the standard photos we use are in the standing position. When a patient leans forward, there will always be some laxity and that is unavoidable in someone who needs a TT in the first place, since loss of elasticity is the main part of the problem, and the elasticity is gone forever. 

Saying all that, my hunch is that were you to post standing views, there would still be enough excess skin that a secondary procedure would help. It appears that there is excess in both vertical and horizontal directions, so I wonder if the best outcome would result from a vertical TT (adding a vertical incision to remove excess tissue in a direction perpendicular to what has already been removed.

Consider posting photos from before surgery and now in the standing position with front and side views for a more useful opinion.

Thanks, best wishes. 

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Non Traditional Tummy Tuck Needed

Thank you for your photos.  Congratulations on your weight loss.  In patients who have had significant weight loss excess skin of the abdomen can occur horizontally (over the belt line)  and vertically in the center of the abdomen.  If the excess is diagnosed in both areas then skin needs to be removed in those areas with an "inverted T" incision. 


Hanging skin post tummy tuck

I hate to say it but if your skin is as loose as it looks then your result is sub par.  A photo standing upright instead of bending over would be helpful.  It needs to be redone.  Not sure you should trust the same surgeon to redo it but you will probably get the better price returning to whoever did your surgery.  Best wishes and good luck.

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Anchor tummy tuck

When you have had substantial weight gain and loss, the skin elasticity is permanently destroyed, never to return.  Your stretch marks are evidence of that.  It looks like from the photos that there is still substantial extra skin and a fleur de lis TT might be needed with a vertical scar all the way down the middle to get the tighter look you want.

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Loose skin after tummy tuck

It's hard to tell in the photos if you're leaning over in all the photos.  Side views and upright views would be helpful in answering these questions.  In general, the loose skin you have at 14 weeks will probably not get any tighter than it is now.  More than likely, you whole tummy tuck (with the exception of the muscle repair) will need to be redone for you to obtain a tight abdomen.  Sorry :(

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If I Am 14 Weeks Post Op and Still Have Hanging Skin, Will It Get Any Better?

As you stated, "as good as it gets". You appear to have had a conservative resection BUt without a before posted photo it might not be a conservative removal, if you were very huge. Please re post before photos. Also a secondary resection is a possibility 

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Loose skin after tummy tuck

Many thanks for the question. After 30 Kg weight loss its not easy to get a result that you see on net .I am not sure if the revision will the answer. Your best option is to press on your PS to your dissatisfaction who me do more for you. Good luck.

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