Do steroids wear off? Rhinoplasty about 5 weeks ago.

The doctor injected kenalog at 3 weeks my nose shrunk for 2 weeks but now it's the same size before the steroids. Do steroids run out and temporarily decrease swelling? Do I have to keep getting injections? I have thick skin if that helps with the answers.

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Rhinoplasty, Swelling & Steroids

Swelling after rhinoplasty is worsened by thick sebaceous (oily) skin on the nose. In patients with thicker skin you can expect the swelling to persist for more time that in patients with thin skin. Oral sterioids have not been shown to be effective with this problem. Local injection with steroids can cause temporary and permanent shrinking. Repeated injections are not usually recommended as they can cause thinning of the skin and permanent lightening of the skin. Best wishes on your recovery.

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