How Soon Should a Steroid Be Used on a Nose Callus?

I recently had my cast removed to see a very prominent bump on the left side of my bridge, almost as if my previous hump had displaced itself there. My doctor informed me on the spot that it was a callus formation on the bone, and that I should massage it every day until our 2 week follow-up, at which point he will use a steroid injection to break up the callus.

Is this too soon? Also, it feels like a hard bone. Could it be and if so, is steroid or filing (surgery) better, and how soon? Thank you.

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Dealing with a Bump on Bridge After Rhinoplasty

In the first several weeks following a rhinoplasty, the nose will change signficantly in shape compared to what it looked like when the cast came off. It is not uncommon for there to be a bump on the bridge at first. Follow your doctor's instructions and return to see him for your follow-up appointment. With a little time, the bump should go away.

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