Do Steroid Injections (Cortisone) After Rhinoplasty Rid or Just Prevent Scar Tissue?

I am nearly 6 weeks post-op. My nose has looked fuller within the last week and it may be due to scar tissue. I am seeing my doctor next month (at 7.5 weeks post op) and am going to ask him about a cortisone injection. Would an injection get rid of scar tissue that's already formed or just prevent even more from forming? I already had a cortisone injection at 1 week post-op. I have been massaging my nose daily and it usually makes my nose look more refined, albeit temporarily.

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Steroid injections after rhinoplasty

Kenalog injections help to prevent scar tissue formation in thick skin and reduce edema. While there is no hard and fast rule most surgeons employ them in the first 1-4 weeks after surgery.  No one knows how effective they would be at 7 weeks but you never know.

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