Steroid Injections - Only a Temporary Benefit?

I had rhinoplasty almost 2 years ago(June,2009).After first year of job,had series of steroid injections.Swelling come down,but now(two months without injection)my nose swelled again????Help

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Steroid Injections - Only a Temporary Benefit?

Steroid injections can be used in the first year or so if there is evidence of prolonged swelling or excessive scar tissue formation.

However, if you are still noting 'swelling' nearly two years after your rhinoplasty, it is possible you may require a revision or touch-up.

See your surgeon if you still have confidence in that person. If not then arrange to see an experienced rhinoplasty practitioner.

Steroid injections that are carried out too frequently, or that deliver too much drug, can cause damage to the tissues that may be permanent.

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Steroid Injections post Rhinoplasty

You've had a coarse of steroid injections, which will decrease scarring, and are not satisfied 2 years after rhinoplasty.  Additional steroids will not help; it is time to  consider revision surgery.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Steroid injections two years after rhinoplasty

Steroids are meant to reduce inflammation and scar after rhinoplasty, most often in the area just above the tip of the nose. After two years however the healing process is complete and the result is, well, what you see is what you get. Unfortunately, continuation of steroid injections is unlikely to avoid a revision if you are unhappy.

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Steroid injectionc in nose

Repeated injections of steroids into the nose long term are probably not a good thing.  I would caution using this too often.

Steven Wallach, MD
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