Steroid Injection for Hypertrophic Scar?

I am 24 yr old brown skin Indian girl having a hypertrophic scar on my jawline under my sideburn about 5 mm diameter red and looks like a boil for about 1and half years due to chickenpox premature scab falling.

I'm interested in knowing suitable treatment for flattening it and reducing the redness. I haven't tried anything. I want to know if steriod injections are suitable or excision or laser?

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Hypertrophic scar management

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Hypertrophic scarring is best managed by a board-certified dermatologist. Most people with hypertrophic scarring should have satisfactory cosmetic outcome with combination of intralesional steroid with Aldara cream application (off-labelled indication). Strict daily sun protection is important to minimize post-inflammatory redness and/or pigmentation.

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