Nostril reduction using Alar cinch - asymmetry problem? Concerns. Help. (photos)

Hi Doctors thanks for reading my concern. Concern#1: it's the asymetry of the nostrils judged after the inflammation is gone? Or the asymetry is permanent at the time the procedure is being done and stays the same unaltered by any other factors other than swelling? My concern#2: My upper lip is numb, swollen, feels tight/stiff. My smile looks forced and my teeth are not showing the way, is this all normal too? My left nostril looks out of range compared to the right one (looking at the picture).

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The lip is likely numb from the swelling and intraoral incision.  This will likely get better with time as the swelling subsides. As for the asymmetry, you are swollen and have to allow things to heal.

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Hi and thanks for your question.  It is difficult to tell exactly what order your photos are in.  Additionally, it appears your are still healing and there is still some improvement that should be expected.

1.  The asymmetry from the initial splinting looks like it has resolved itself.  I think it should improve more as you continue to heal, but they are significantly improved from your immediate post op photo with the splint in place.

2.  The upper lip is probably going to remain numb, swollen, and stiff for a month or so.  This is the case with any area of scar and healing, but the lip is particularly mobile, and distensible.  Judging from your incision in the mouth, I am not surprised that you still feel numb and stiff - the incision appears to be in the first week(s) of healing.

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