Follow up - Wisdom tooth #16, adding to previous question

I forgot to mention this tooth is in good position. The dentist is not sure what to do. First I was told to let the pulp cap work and it might take a year. I am in pain and I cannot eat on that side. Then a root canal and wait on the crown. I am not sure of this for natural doctors say rootcanals are not healthy and it is a wisdom tooth afterwall. Another option is extraction but I read about periodontal tissue loss. It is very confusing. If someone could read the previous post

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If the tooth is in a good position and you have a good bite on it then keep the tooth and have a root canal done. Doing a root canal on the wisdom tooth is a very difficult procedure and has a medium prognosis based on its I would suggest you see a root canal specialist. Then you will have to have a crown placed. 

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